The Flora School Education Center runs solely on your support, whether it be your time, your useful donations or your monetary donations. Every little bit counts, no matter how small. The Board is in need of more members. The Bylaws call for up to 13 and currently the FSEC is short 7 members. School Days committee members can always use a helping hand along with education and activities.

If you do not live in the area, there are still things that can be done. The bookkeeper lives in Walla Walla, as do two other board members. Two board members live in Flora, one lives in Enterprise, and another in Imperial Beach. Two SD committee members live outside Joseph. There are volunteers as far as Crane, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. “Through the “magic” of internet, way beyond pioneer skills, we are able to make use of anyone that wants to help,” claims Vanessa Thompson, board president.

If you have time to spare on days that are not scheduled for a work party, let someone know. A list of what needs to be done can be provided including instructions on how to do it and usually someone else to work with you.
For more information on any of the above, donating to the Flora School Education Center or questions in general info@floraschool.org or the message phone 541.828.7010.

Other Opportunities

The restoration of the old school and the running of the Flora School Education Center are only possible through the generous support of many volunteers.  Consider joining the fun.  We have opportunities for those with skills ranging from carpentry to photo archiving.  You can volunteer at the school itself or from afar.  Some of our current volunteers work from Portland, and even Italy.

Current Needs

  • Build bookshelves in the original style for the library.  Could be a great project for high school or college carpentry classes.
  • Test our six computers to assess their capabilities.
  • Contact companies for donations of materials.
  • Organize information on the alumni of Flora School by the year when they would have graduated (whether or not they graduated doesn’t matter),
  • Send us historic photographs of the Flora School, the Flora community and the North End.  You can upload to the website here or send to info@floraschool.org or to  FSEC Pictures, 82744 College Lane, Flora, OR 97828-5111 (please send in a priority mail box or envelope to help protect the pictures). If you send them by snail mail, we will promptly make copies at send them back to you.  Or a safer bet would be to make copies yourself and send us the duplicates.
  • Contribute stories, memorabilia, or genealogies that reflect the history of the school, Flora, or the North End.
  • Help put together a photo album and photo file.  The goal is to have historic photos for display but also a system where someone can say, “I want a copy of that” and then have us make a copy.  FSEC would charge a fee for this service to help support building restoration.  Please contact Vanessa Thompson (info@floraschool.org) if you would like to help with this.
  • Update fundraising letters.
  • Update your mailing or email address. Contact Bruce Thew Bthew@cox.net or info@floraschool.org.

Work Days

We have work days throughout the year.  Call to find out when our next one is scheduled: (541) 828-7010.