Toilets and Windows Fixed, a New Sign and More

We had a great work party last weekend. Nathan and Dave (new volunteer) worked on the ceiling in the foyer downstairs. Hope to have it finished and painted by School Days. No guarantees, though. Gary and Lowell (new volunteers) worked on the windows. Got in two big broken ones. Have one big one and one small one left to do. Sarah and I started painting around the windows in the sewing room, while Juan, Sarah and Betty (new volunteer) cleaned out stuff from there. We also set the outhouses back to rights. I cleaned out the one and still have to do the other. AND the toilets work in both downstairs bathrooms, and the hot water too. The boys’ sink doesn’t work though because the base was rusted and broke off.  We’ll have to get another one when we go to town.

Bob and Dan put up the sign on the highway on Sunday.  We’d love to see some old fashioned plants planted out there.  Any volunteers for that? Contact Vanessa at

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