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School Days is over and done for another year, but this was a year like no other. And in the end, volunteers stepped up to the plate and pulled it through! Of course, all the people helping and demonstrating at School Days and throughout the year working for the Flora School Education Center are volunteers. We had some volunteers that had to step off the merry-go-round this year due to illness, some to car trouble getting to Flora, hay on the ground and time to bale before it got drenched again, family in trouble… you name it, our volunteers had it happen to them. Hopefully, for those that could not attend, their troubles are fewer and resolving themselves. And for those volunteers that stepped in, even though you hadn’t done it before, THANK YOU! Then, to our volunteers that help every year: you are the best! We cannot say thank […]

Every year a bit more of the Flora School is pieced back together, much as a quilter pieces fabric together for a quilt. With each School Days celebration– this year Saturday, June 19 10am to 4pm– more pieces are added to help hold the fabric of history together. School Days brings together all this in the celebration of pioneer skills and the restoration of the Flora School. School Days 2010 will honor quilters and sewers of all “makes and models,” including people sewing with treadle machines. For several years quilters have helped with the restoration of the school by literally piecing together schoolhouse block quilts to raffle off, eight in all. Then the money was used to help with The Three R’s: Restoration, Repairs and Renovations being done at the school. With the honoring of quilters, comes a new tee shirt for the festivities and a slightly different raffle quilt. […]